Setting Up a D-I-Y Misting Fan

While it’s more advisable to simply buy a misting fan if you want to augment your household cooling needs, DIY enthusiasts may find it fulfilling to build their own from scratch. While this method is arguably much cheaper compared to buying a new unit, care should always be taken, as it may results in the malfunction of the fans themselves.

But if you’re confident enough to build your own, here’s the complete procedure on how you can convert your ordinary fan into a misting fan.


  • misting fanGarden Hose
  • A misting nozzle fitting for the hose
  • Electric Fan with Stand
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Electrical tape
  • (OPTIONAL) Weatherproof Outlet Cover


1. First, set up the fan on the location of your choice. The location should be within the convenient reach of an electric outlet, and that the fan should be pointed at the area where the air can actually be felt. As a misting fan is vulnerable to moisture and puddle buildup, it’s best if you use an outdoor fan for this purpose, as they’re already built to withstand wet conditions such as rain.

2. Secure the garden hose to a nearby faucet then place it right next to the fan. If the fan’s still unreachable for the hose, apply an extension hose to it.

3. Firmly secure the misting nozzle on the end of the hose itself. In choosing the nozzle, the best for this purpose would be the one that twists to turn itself on or off. A nozzle with a handle will require you to take the handle down to ensure continuous water spray, which can be quite inconvenient.

4. Place the end of the hose in front of the pole of the fan itself, so that the misting nozzle would be located right below the fan itself. Secure the hose tightly and in place with tapes.

5. Now carefully adjust the angle of the misting nozzle itself, so that water will be blown towards the air the fan creates, and not on the fan itself. This may take some trial and error to get the right angle, so the best thing to do is to first test the nozzle by turning on the hose, and then checking to see if the hose doesn’t spray at the fans themselves. In order to keep the nozzle at the right angle, it’s important to place a little wedge between the nozzle and the pole, and keep it secured in place.

6. To use your improvised misting fan, turn on the fan itself first, then the faucet. This is to prevent the risk of water being sprayed over the fans themselves. Never turn the faucet to its fullest capacity, as you only need a little bit of water for the mist to be generated. You can control the pressure and the flow of the mist by simply adjusting the misting nozzle to the desired setting.

7. In order to protect the outlet from getting moisture, especially if it’s nearby, you should install an outlet box cover on the outlet which is being used by your improvised misting fan. It’s not recommended to use an extension cord to add extra reach from the fan to the outlet, as the cord is still vulnerable to the moisture generated from the misting fan.

8. To turn off your improvised misting fan, turn off the faucet first, then the fan itself. This is to allow excess moisture to be blown away by the air created by the fan, keeping your fan dry and reducing the risks of electrocution.

Final Notes

If you don’t have enough equipment for the conversion process, you can find several kinds of DIY misting kits available at the nearest hardware store. These misting kits also have the benefit of being specialized for a particular purpose, including kits for building misting fans suitable for livestock, events, even for a specific area in your home, like in the backyard, etc.

Improving Customer Experience through Live Chat Service

Whether your business is aimed to provide impeccable service and/or products of very high quality, or be it that you are on the service-oriented or manufacturing side of the commercial industry, it is always top priority to provide your consumers with first-class customer experience and satisfaction. Studies show that customer satisfaction relies on two things:

  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectation, and
  • Providing useful information and excellent pre-purchase after-sales support.

With companies expanding their market reach through internet marketing and social media, it is now becoming a must to offer online support. Live chat service is one of the best customer-oriented marketing strategies to date. It is the use of chat software and social media messaging to provide support and information for a particular product or company.

live chat serviceLive chat service is like using Yahoo! Messenger, Skype or Facebook Messaging, where short messages are sent to a particular service provider to inquire about a product or asking for help in its installation, troubleshooting and/or maintenance.Businesses prefer having live chat service ready on-hand because of the following reasons:

1. The exchange of messages is done in real-time so customers can get an answer in less than a minute. The idea is to be there at the right time, just when a person needs information or help. People appreciate being accommodated and assisted immediately. It’s convenient for them so that will be a plus for any business offering live chat service support.

2. Customers’ questions are answered by real people so a customer with a particular problem can get an answer that is applicable to his/her question. Although FAQ pages are also very useful for generic problems, having someone to customize a solution for you or explain a product description further gives a new dimension in customer care.

3. Most people would prefer to take advices from real people rather than taking instructions from bots with pre-defined solutions so live chat service makes a perfect addition to any product page as well as online shopping sites.

4. Unlike sending e-mails and letters that may be read and answered later than expected, and sometimes not even read at all because it was sent to “Junk” or “Spam” folder by automated computer systems, chat support does not take too much time so customers and potential buyers doesn’t have to wait long or look for alternative products while waiting for a reply.

5. Unlike in-store and phone enquiries, live chat service agents can talk to at least 3 customers at a time and still provide information without mixing up these information. For example, a call center agent for a credit card company could only answer one phone call and a service representative could also only talk to one person at a time, while live chat agents can open 3 chat windows and read messages at once, thus, attending to more customers than a call center agent and an in-store service rep combined.

6. Recorded chat support messages can make troubleshooting a lot easier. When a customer sends a chat message to a support staff, the message is recorded and all pertinent information such as contact details,specific concerns and provided solutions will be kept for future references. This means that if the same person sends a chat message again or calls the service center a month later, the person assisting him will have access and information of his past product problems which could be useful in solving new problems.

All in all, live chat services and software gives an extra up in providing customers with their needed support and it gives the business the opportunity to provide more means for the customers to get in touch. Live chat service providers and their agents create a very helpful yet professional feel in any webpage. With that said, its support agents must and are expected to speak a language fluently and must know how to communicate effectively just like in any other form of customer care services. Meeting these standards, paired with thorough knowledge of the company’s products and services, will surely take your customers to a whole new level of quality service.

Should You Hire An SEO Company or Set-up An In-House SEO Department?

Search engine optimization or SEO has become a vital part in online marketing, as a well-thought out set of keywords, systematic back linking, and achieving high page rank on Google determines success. Since SEO is essential in marketing a business, it is just logical to set up an SEO team to handle this department. Question is, should you hire an SEO company or outsource it.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both scenarios before deciding which route to take. Many SEO companies are competing for a client’s attention and they are ready to offer benefits you may or may not find in another.

Before delving into the SEO Companywhole SEO service thing, it is still necessary to decide whether you really need an SEO service. It is not necessary if you only want to set up a resource or reference site for your existing clients when they want to find information about your company. But if you want to monetize and make money off it, then you need a team of SEO experts to manage your website especially if it is a start-up.

Once you have decided that your website cannot live without good SEO, the next thing to ponder is whether to hire an external SEO company or organize an in-house SEO department. It sounds easy but the thinking part is quite tricky especially when you begin to realize the advantages and disadvantages. Companies that are serious about SEO should be wary of the choice they make because this will determine the success of the business.

The Pros and Cons



  • Chances are high that you can get a pool of SEO geniuses who are often veterans in the business. The good part is for you as an employer since you need not worry about benefits, payroll, liability, employee issues, etc. You pay, they deliver. Most often than not, you can get your money back for unsatisfactory service.
  • Although SEO is a pretty expensive service, the returns are guaranteed to be higher. Less time spent on building your links and being visible in search engines means more time spent on the vital aspects of your business. It’s a win-win solution.
  • An SEO company always evolves. They are the first to know about the latest trends and development in the business. Having various clients help them expand their experience and knowledge and understand the risks involved in different SEO schemes. An external SEO company can surely offer you a variety of solutions toy your SEO needs.


  • One of the dangers of outsourcing to an SEO company is you not being aware of the contractor’s techniques. There is what we call good and bad SEO, each of which is being practiced by various SEO companies. Although they can show you proofs of success, you still do not know whether these successes have been achieved by using legitimate optimization strategies. Be aware that SEO techniques that break search engine rules is not acceptable for Google especially.



  • A company having an in-house SEO team will have more control of how their SEO would like to be, what messages are sent in social media, and how well their image is built.


  • Often, the skills and knowledge of your in-house SEO team are threatened to expire due to lack of exposure to the current SEO trends or freedom to explore further. Unless the company is willing to constantly update and train their talents, the company might get stuck with old and sometimes useless SEO tricks.
  • Summing it up, the price you pay for an external SEO firm could be just the same as your in-house SEO department but the latter may not deliver as much results as the former. High Quality SEO Company

3 Lies People Believe About SEO

Search engine optimization and internet marketing breed a lot of misinformation. No matter how you slice it, you’ll find that there are things that you will believe that are not true about the world of optimization. Many people believe half-truths because one person has an experience that is unlike any one else’s. For instance, a guru of marketing will say that they made millions with a sneaky trick, and then sell people on the notion that shortcuts are the way to go with generating traffic. The problem with this is simple, it’s not true. There are a lot of lies that people believe about the world of optimization, and it’s difficult to manage, to say the least. Make sure that you don’t believe the following lies, or you could find yourself dealing with a magnitude of issues.

SEO Is A Solitary Arrangement

The first thing that SEOpeople believe to be true about optimization is that it’s one and done. You just optimize your pages and you wait for the traffic to start flowing like never before. Unfortunately that’s not how this works at all. You will need to do more than just have optimal page structure. You need to look into a variety of methodologies to ensure that your progress is not hindered. Not only that, you may have to hire a professional company to do the linking and more that is involved with getting into search results.

It Can Be Bought Cheap

This is a lie because cheap practices in the world of optimization lead to cheap results. You don’t want to have a flood of traffic that is worthless. It’s easy to boost the ego of webmasters by submitting links to traffic generation software. If you get millions of hits, but no sales or transactions, what good is the traffic? It’s for that reason that you should definitely look into something that will help you get moving forward. Cheap is not always a matter of price, sometimes it’s a matter of methodology. Either way, you will need to be careful with what you do to move forward with any optimization strategy you want to use.

Duplicate Content Works The Same

Some companies advocate throwing duplicate content and spun links across a lot of blogs. They say that you can make a great deal of money or get traffic to your page without having to deal with paying writers or creating unique content. That’s not going to work, and it will be a long term issue with developing relationships with clients. You’ll want to avoid duplicate content at all costs, as it will sink your internet marketing strategy faster than any other option.

In the end, there are a lot of strategies and tips online that are talking about SEO. You need to be careful with what you subscribe to, because a lot of things that worked in the past will not work today. Make sure that you seek out something that will withstand the test of time, and perhaps even seek out a professional service to assist with the link generation, and content creation.